Novel, Pura Vida, Out Soon

Sister Bridget Ann Rincon-Keller is a crime-fighting nun, the Miss Marple of East Austin’s Latino community.

The Lopez family has a lot on their plate – undocumented immigration, deportation, war, death, drugs, teenage pregnancy and now…international terrorism.

Sister Bridget teams up with fifteen-year-old Miguel Lopez to uncover a terrorist plot in their neighborhood, and they race against the clock to stop the bad guys.

7 thoughts on “Novel, Pura Vida, Out Soon

  1. In 3rd grade we had “library” once a week. I had no idea what to do during that time. One day the librarian asked me what kinds of things do I like and I told her baseball. Together we found a book called “The Bob Feller Story” and I remember thinking it was too fat for me to actually read. To my surprise I couldn’t put the book down even when teased by various brothers. I use to say Bob Feller helped me discover the joy of reading. Then one day I realized, No, my third-grade librarian at Windsor Park elementary school helped me discover the joy of reading.


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